Hi! My name is Kobe.

I am a HUGE Doraemon fan. Doraemon has motivated me to learn Japanese and immerse myself in the language and culture. Since Doraemon is so popular in eastern countries, yet not as popular in the west, it’s hard to come across English translations of Doraemon online. That has motivated me to sub Doraemon myself, and even learn Japanese in the process. I hope to one day be super fluent in Japanese, and go live in Japan to fully experience the culture. 

Besides being an avid Japanese learner, I am also an artist. Doraemon has inspired my own work with its uplifting stories, and unique and down-to-earth characters. My lifelong dream is to be an animator and comic book illustrator, and inspire the world with my creativity and positivity. I purse that dream on another site: KobeKartoons.com.

This site is essentially a blog/portfolio. I want to be able to include all of my projects for people to see, but also form somewhat of a community and just share what’s on my mind.

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