Mar. 16, 2021: Sighting Sticks, Perspective, and Film Noir

Ugh, it’s so late so this will be a rather short blog. 😅 Today I had some free time, so I figured I should start working on my assignment for my Drawing II class! This week, we’re starting our new unit on Film Noir composition and 2-Point Perspective. I’ve struggled on drawing perspective a lot in the past, but just by having some alone time today in the art studio, I was able to find a new, firmer grasp at the concept!

This was due to me figuring out how to use my sighting stick. A sighting stick is a small thin stick that you use to measure objects angles in real life when you’re doing still life drawings. It helps keep the drawing consistent with what you see in front of you. You just hold it up the stick (parallel to your body) and tilt it to match the angle you’re drawing, and then translate that onto your paper. You can also use your fingers and stick to measure the width and height of an object from your distance, and translate that exact size on your paper.

Being able to set up my Film Noir scene at the art studio was so nice! It was just me and my props, so I had a lot of time to think about what kind of set up I think would be interesting. I think my composition came out very nice; considering the use of elongated shadows, various angles from the corners of the room, and the slight opening of the door makes me feel like an observant art critic!

The sighting stick is a pretty handy tool, and not only was I able to learn a new concept that will help me moving forward as an artist, but I also knocked out some of this week’s homework! 😊

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