Eiga Doraemon Pokémon Teams Casting – 1980 & 2006: “Nobita no Kyouryuu & “Nobita no Kyouryuu 2006”

I’ve been excited to make this post for a while; Some time ago, I had the idea to combine two things love: Doraemon and Pokémon. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be so cool if I took every Doraemon film and made a Pokémon team based off of the characters and themes of the film?” So, that’s what I did! I took a look at various Pokemon and composed a team of 6 or more that best represent a film in the franchise. It’s like actor scouting, but with Pokémon!

It reminds me of how almost every year in Japan when a Pokémon movie is released, an event distribution gives away the Pokémon from the film (move-sets and all) to players who pre-order tickets to see the movie. I thought it’d be cool to do the same as if Pokémon event distributions were given away to commemorate Doraemon films. I want to share my picks with people (perhaps in a video later), but I’ll make an article-style post first.

At first I wasn’t sure whether or not I should make new teams for remade films, or just copy and paste the same teams between original movies and their remakes; after all, they are almost the same film just with updated animation, and few-to-many story element changes. So I decided to go with the latter and combine the originals and remakes into one team, and if there are any major differences, those will be reflected in the team. So without further ado, let’s start with the very first Doraemon film and its 2006 remake:



(Nobita’s Dinosaur)


「のび太の恐竜 2006」

(Nobita’s Dinosaur 2006)

Main Team:

1.Lapras(ピー助 “Piisuke”)

This is a perfect match; besides looking very similar and being based off of / inspired by the Plesiosaur, they are both capable of carrying people across large bodies of water; The shiny coloring was added to more closely match Piisuke’s complexion.


Ancient Power – Since Lapras is not a fossil, this move can represent Piisuke’s ancient origins. Every Pokémon on this team that can learn this move will learn it.

Surf – As stated above, Lapras is known for carrying people across bodies of water like Piisuke

2.Tyrantrum(ティラノサウルス “Tyrannosaurus”)

Tyrantrum is the only Pokémon based off of the Tyrannosaurus. It even matches the color of the T-Rex in the film!


Crunch & Head Smash – basic, instinctive combat moves

3.Aurorus(アラモサウルス “Alamosaurus”)

Another obvious choice; While not the same kind of dinosaur exactly, they are at least both sauropod dinosaurs.


Iron Tail – In the 2006 version of the movie, the Alamosaurus used a tail slam technique to defend themselves from a T-Rex. Slam or Iron Tail could represent this (Aurorus can only learn the latter).

4.Aerodactyl(ケツァルコアトルス “Quetzalcoatlus”)

The shiny variant matches the color of the ones in the 2006 movie perfectly!

5.Bastiodon(トリケラトプス “Triceratops”)
6.Rampardos(パキケファロサウルス “Pachycephalosaurus”)


1. Dodrio(オルミムス “Ornithomimus”)

Although not a reptile, this Pokémon more resembles the Ornithomimus which were featured in the remake; It has avian-like features such as long feathers, and long, fast legs. Also, the fact that there are 3 heads reminds me of how in both movies, Doraemon and the others rode on multiple dinosaurs.

2.Tropius(アラモサウルス “Alamosaurus / Brontosaurus”)

Although Aurorus could arguably fit the role of the Alamosaurus better, I feel that Tropius fits the exotic, “jungly” vibe of the film. Also, in the original 1980 film, these dinosaurs are instead called Brontosauruses, so this different Pokemon species could reflect this.


Slam – See #3. Aurorus

3.Omanyte(アンモナイト “Ammonite”)

A creature of the same origin as Omanyte, an Ammonite, also appeared in both films.

4.Tirtouga(Unknown Ancient Turtle)

This one only appears in the original 1980 version; shiny variant is closer to a natural turtle color!

What do you think of my picks? Feel free to comment below. 😊


Sprites: https://msikma.github.io/pokesprite/

Movie Posters: https://doraemon.fandom.com/wiki/Doraemon_Wiki

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