Doraemon Movie Soundtrack Unboxing – Hattori Takayuki Collection

A while back I made an unboxing video showcasing 3 Doraemon soundtracks: (Nobita’s Treasure Island) (Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration) and (Nobita’s New Dinosaur). All 3 scores were composed by Takayki Hattori-san, a Japanese film composer who composed for the likes of the Godzilla and Final Fantasy franchises. Check out the video below!

In my video I go in and show off the CD albums (covers, pamphlets, CD art) and I go a little in depth into some of the movie’s plot and trivia. I even go into how to convert your CDs to audio file formats such as FLAC or M4A and export it to your phone to listen on the go. The program that has never failed me is called Fre:ac.

The process of making this was a lot of fun! I did it all in one day (from afternoon to night). I filmed using my iPhone and iPhone tripod. Then after filming, I took all the footage and imported it to my laptop for the post production (editing, clipping, and other visual / audio effects) I used iMovie to add some of the pop up images, and the blurry effect (to hide my personal information since I accidentally showed my package on camera😂). I then had the finished edit and brought it over to Aegisub (a software often used for anime subbing) to add some of the background music credit and other text. Now that I had the final video, all I had to do was make a thumbnail using FireAlpaca and upload it!

The albums themselves are sooo good. I listen to them nearly everyday when I’m working (at the time I’m working in a ceramics studio at my college!), drawing, doing homework, cleaning or just walking and enjoying the weather. I already ordered more Doraemon soundtracks on CDJapan which will be in the mail soon, so maybe I’ll make another video!

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