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Eiga Doraemon Pokémon Teams Casting – 1980 & 2006: “Nobita no Kyouryuu & “Nobita no Kyouryuu 2006”

I’ve been excited to make this post for a while; Some time ago, I had the idea to combine two things love: Doraemon and Pokémon. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be so cool if I took every Doraemon film and made a Pokémon team based off of the characters and themes of the film?” So, that’sContinue reading “Eiga Doraemon Pokémon Teams Casting – 1980 & 2006: “Nobita no Kyouryuu & “Nobita no Kyouryuu 2006””

Doraemon Movie Soundtrack Unboxing – Hattori Takayuki Collection

A while back I made an unboxing video showcasing 3 Doraemon soundtracks: (Nobita’s Treasure Island) (Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration) and (Nobita’s New Dinosaur). All 3 scores were composed by Takayki Hattori-san, a Japanese film composer who composed for the likes of the Godzilla and Final Fantasy franchises. Check out the video below! InContinue reading “Doraemon Movie Soundtrack Unboxing – Hattori Takayuki Collection”

Doraemon Featured – 映画ドラえもん Spotify Playlist

Another playlist is up on Spotify! This playlist features many of the artists who’ve lended their voices to the Doraemon series of films. What I like about this playlist is that with so many artists featured, there is such diverse selection of genres! From Masaki Suda’s rock’n roll, Dai Hirai’s hawaiian-pop, Mr.Children’s smooth rock, Sukimaswitch’sContinue reading “Doraemon Featured – 映画ドラえもん Spotify Playlist”

Doraemon Spotify Playlists!

Looking for new music to listen to? Well, being the huge fan of Doraemon that I am, I made 2 playlists dedicated to Doraemon that features many of the iconic songs featured in the series, from both the films and the TV show. The first is a playlist titled “Doraemon -ドラえもん” which starts off withContinue reading “Doraemon Spotify Playlists!”


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